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My name is Roxanne and I am going to share a story with you about some of my friends who are escorts in Nottingham. They're so cute I can't resist telling you what three of them did the other night.


Okay, so my three girlfriends are Trista, Sarah and Ashley. They actually all live together in a huge flat over by the river in Wilford. They've been in the adult work game for like more than ten years. Trista is a sexy, tall blonde. Sarah, brunette. Ashley has gorgeous long red hair with curls. We hang out together when we're not doing our naughty work. Oops, almost forgot the juicy part. They're diehard lesbians. Well, what I mean is they prefer to spend time with upscale women but will of course share their time with men. Some guys really love lesbians because they know how to be extra sensitive.


Most escort girls are straight but will do gay and lesbian stuff. Everyone's different. We just want you to feel spectacular and have some fun no matter what you want. Life is too short to worry about what people think. We love having fun anyway you like. So let's get back to my trio gal pals did the other night...


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Are you sitting all alone reading this sentence? Probably right? We know how you feel because many men contact us who are just like you. They are tired of girlfriends and wives who always pester them. Or maybe they just came off a very bad relationship and need some special kindness in their lives? Whatever your situation is, remember that escorts in Nottingham are some of the most friendly women you will ever meet.


Now as one of the many escorts in Nottingham, I can assure you I have never met a man who doesn't love special attention. Take Tom for example. He called me a few months ago after seeing my ad on this website. What inspired him to call me was he loved my photos and my outfits. I have some that are sexy and then others posted that are of me smiling in a seductive pose. Did you know I use to be a redhead? Well, how could you? For years I was known around town as the hot redhead escort everyone wanted to spend time with. But then I saw this gorgeous blond and thought it was time for a change. So I dyed my hair and now I love it. Tom thinks I look better as a blond and since we see each other once a week. He needs the break to get away from the stress of life. We spend lots of time together. Usually he wants some yummy erotic massage which I love doing. It's fun and I enjoy making him feel relaxed and happy.


Too many men wonder if escorts are really as kinky as everyone says. Well, it's true but you need to find the right girl. There's so many girls in Nottingham to choose from and we all love getting to know you. If you're a little bit shy, that's okay. We know how to make you feel like yourself and get you to feel comfortable. That's what we do. One time a man wanted me to come to his hotel and dance for him. I was so happy to oblige and it was very erotic watching him get so excited while I was bumping and grinding in front of him. He was looking for cheap escorts in Nottingham and my rates were perfect for his budget.


Tonight I have an appointment with a gentleman named Arthur. He was calling around speaking with a bunch of escorts in Nottingham and didn't like how some of the girls sounded on the telephone. Me? I am extremely polite. That's how I was raised. So we chatted for a while about shopping and our favorite movies. He loves my accent as I'm a true Brit. He also loves dirty talk which is a piece of cake for me too. He asked me if I would spend the next few nights with him as his wife is off on vacation with the kids. Hmmmm...being one of the many gorgeous Nottingham escorts has its advantages you know. Perhaps we'll dine out and then have a romantic night getting to know each other very well in his home. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!