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Did you read the story in the newspapers the other day about escorts in Northampton? If not, let me tell you what it was about...


My name is Lauren and I'm one of the luscious, beautiful call girls in Northampton that are sweet, kind and considerate. So I was reading the paper over my coffee last Thursday morning. The story was on the front page and it was about the rise in men looking to hire adult workers in Northampton for date night experiences. It makes sense because my phone rings off the hook all the time.


Last night for instance, I had five calls from gentlemen who saw my profile online. I have a few different websites I advertise my services. If you're wondering how escort girls work with their clients, don't worry. It's something many men wonder about. We're just like all the women in your life. Well, except that we don't bring along all that clingy relationship drama. The article in the newspaper did research on about a dozen men who had anonymously gave interviews about their experiences. Almost all of them admitted they loved the freedom to be with a gorgeous woman without worrying about long-term relationship problems that always develop.


Top Girls in Northampton and What's Changed...


If you think about it, times have changed. Most men I meet have no idea they can have anything they want with my time, not just pleasure in the bedroom if you know what I mean. Although some of my clients don't want to go out and spend a night in the city. That's okay as I am up for whatever makes you happy. One of them I see twice a week just wants to go out for dinner and relax. I also have some late night fun with a few gentlemen, who love excitement. Every guy is different. Some want just a few hours of my time for some personal attention. Others want me to spend a few nights with them having some adult time to relax and be together. Whatever you need escorts in Northampton are here for you.


Just the other night I met a cute man named Charles. He was in town for a week on business. Lonely, he started looking to speak with a few ladies. Mostly to do some dirty talk on the telephone. But after we spoke for an hour, he invited me out for drinks. The funny thing about escorts is we're very open to anything. We ended up spending most of the night together dining out and sight seeing around town and just being together without any long-term expectations. The next night we went to a play together and it was lovely. Northampton escorts sound kind of extreme right? We are and bring a lot of passion to the party. If you prefer blondes, you're in luck. Love redheads? No problem. How about a buxom black woman to attend to your every need? Bingo, we have many that are gorgeous and waiting for your call right no.


But don't forget, our pay is for our time together. What happens afterwards is between us. It works well and honestly, I love being one of the hundreds of call girls in Northampton that understand men need special, gentle attention. Whether it's spending time all night together in your hotel or flat or just spending a glamorous night out on the town, we're devoted to your ultimate pleasure. Too many men wonder if we're only interested in some delicious quick fun and then dash out the door? No, not at all. We all love spending time with our clients. All night, a few days, even weeks sometimes. For instance, do you feel lonely and need someone to be with you to make you feel amazing? What about all those lonely nights where you're sitting in front of your computer wondering what it would be like to have a sexy, gorgeous woman right next to you? Sounds kind of nice right? Well, it's up to you silly. Do you want to be alone or have some fun with a caring, lovely woman? We know what your answer is. So look around the site and find a few girls to call. We are waiting for you and would love to speak with you to find out your deepest fantasies. It's really up to you because Northampton escorts are really here for your needs. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!