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Escorts in Luton and Where to Look


Guess who's one of the best escorts in Luton? No, not me silly. My name is Leeza and I've been in the sex business for almost two years. I started when I was 23 doing it just to make some extra mad money. You know, to go out shopping or traveling. I love Italy and have been there three times in the last year.


So back to story about the sexiest escort girl..


She's one of my sweetest friends on the planet. Her name is Monique. She's a sexy, six foot tall brunette with a luscious set of big boobs. I should know. I've tasted them many times when we tag team guys. Yes, many girls do threesomes. Did you know many men have never had one? That's sad because there's nothing like spending some yummy time all night with escort babes. One time we met a kind gentleman downtown on a very cold night. His name was Daren. He was in town on business and offered to buy us dinner. can us stay so skinny? We work out like crazy. Monique is into cross training. Me? I run. Last year I did a half marathon and my time was pretty good.


The Best Luton Escorts (me & Monique)


The thing about Monique is she's kind of one of the sexiest girls in Luton because she watches what she eats and doesn't party that much. She told me how a client of hers called in a panic one night. He was desperate for her special treatment if you catch my drift. He needed her to be with him and do all of their usual fun stuff together. Gosh, can you imagine a guy calling you saying he needs to taste you? It's nothing I've ever heard from my gentlemen. Sometimes she says too many escorts ignore serving the needs of men no matter what they ask. We (she and me) are very passionate about making your time with us as dripping hot and fun as possible. No matter what you fantasize about, we always love making it happen.


Just a few days ago I genuinely kind gentleman called me. His name was Glen. I was getting ready to go out. He wanted to book my time for a week. I was more than thrilled. We toured the city, ate in fancy restaurants and then of course spent nighttime cuddling together. I'm pretty sure he has fond memories of his time with one of the most fun girls. That's me silly.


Oops, I forgot to tell you about something Monique has really started doing. She started taking dance classes. I'm not sure how long but she's definitely one of the most elegant escorts in Luton when it comes to sexy dancing. Sometimes she wears these cute little maid outfits. Then does an erotic hip-grinding dance move that drives guys crazy. Times have really changed. What was once taboo is now considered a needed service for millions of men. We all have needs. Some of us want some sexy time to do what makes us feel amazing. Others just need a loving face to hold, kiss and spend the night with not matter what the circumstances. Call it what you want.


As a couple of other call girls, Monique and I choose to think of our work as genuine and caring. Even if we each have our styles we're genuinely loyal to our clients and their needs. It's no enough to think of hiring escorts as illegal because you're only paying for our time so what happens is always between you and me. Don't forget you deserve to have your cake and eat it too if you work hard for your money. We all deserve to pursue our fantasies and be happy. Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball or two, which causes you to be alone. I know how you feel and really there's no need for you to be alone tonight. Remember, you do have a choice to be happy just like I have a choice to meet you and find out how I can help you discover your inner happiness. So do yourself a big, fat favor and look around. Pick out a few escorts in Luton that make you feel excited. Then pick up your phone and make the call. We're waiting for you and are thrilled to hook up. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!