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My friend Sam came to me last week begging me to introduce him to some of the British porn stars I hang with at the club. Believe me when I write this next sentence. I absolutely despise guys who want to scam my friends for sex.


Because I'm fairly well connected, I know a lot of the girls. Some of them, like my friend Roxy, has been in the business almost ten years. She started when she was twenty. I know, it sounds kind of young to start dating middle-aged men for huge money. But she was broke and going through medical school so she really didn't have a choice. Roxy is a gorgeous redhead with a sweet ass. She's cute and men love spending time with her.


Yes, I do play around but I never screw around with my friends. I remember one night Roxy, her friend Sarah and I were having drinks at the club. There were a ton of chicks that night and many of them are in the adult work business. Some of them charge crazy money too. But they're worth it-believe me-thousands of men would pay whatever they charge for a night with them. One of the sweetest things so many men love about us porn star girls is we're really not stuck up. Some men think we only spend time with guys that have gorgeous looks. Actually, the truth is we love getting to know all types of men. Just last week I received call from a gentleman named Charlie. He was in town spending time visiting family. But the problem was that he was so lonely. He and his girlfriend had just split up and it had been too long since he had been with a sexy girl. After we spoke for a while, we agreed to meet downtown at a local pub.


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Charlie was shocked when he first saw me in person. I'm five feet five inches tall and have a gorgeous set of breasts. Some men love big boobs and let me just say I've had many compliments. After a while of having a few drinks, he asked me how long I've been working with my friends as a pornostar and escort in London. He was curious if I actually still did videos. I told him I was only doing a few films per year as I was more interested in dating men than simply working in front of the camera. Later that night, we went to an upscale restaurant and then arranged to spend the rest of the night together at his hotel.


Do you know what most guys don't know about porn star women? We're not high maintenance. Too many men think they need to spend lots of money on us giving gifts and flowers. Sure they're nice but what I love is a romantic evening in a caring man's arms. Another thing you need to know is that pornstar escorts are very happy to treat you right no matter what you have in mind. Perhaps you need a night of magic. Or how about going out together for a night on the town? It's all very possible so all you need to do is ask. We love to party and if you're having an event and want to show up with a pair of pornstar escort babes we're ready to go. Many of us are drop-dead gorgeous. If you want a black woman or Asian, we have many girls who would enjoy meeting you. By now you must be ready to feel better instead of being alone right? Chances are you're frustrated having to spend so much time trying to pick up women. Don't waste your time. Porn stars are very easy going and can meet you anywhere that works for your schedule. Don't feel like you need to spend your night all by yourself. We're ready and waiting for your call so look around our site and pick out a girl (or two) who get you excited. Remember, pornstar escorts in London are some of the sexiest women in the UK. That's why we're so popular.


A long time ago a friend gave me some great advice. She said no matter if you're porn star or just regular women in the business, you can make guys feel like they're the only thing that matters. I love talking with new men and look forward to your call. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!