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Ooh-la-la is all I can say after a huge party I went to last Thursday night held by a local bar for independent girls and escort agencies in London. We're a super fun group of hot blondes, brunettes and even a few sexy redheads.


My name is Abigail (everyone calls me Abby). At first I wasn't going to attend. The party was over at Simmons Pub on Lancaster Ave. That's a long ride for me but then I thought, why not right? Us independent escorts should have fun together every once in a while. Now the reason I am writing this story is because you won't believe what happened during our party. Hold on to your nickers because you're in for a call girls backstage pass to some fun how us escorts in London get man-handled sometimes.


I ordered my first drink settling into a corner booth. Usually I'm a vodka on the rocks chick and must confess, I can usually drink most men under the table. It's not like us girls in the UK are lushes. But we do enjoy getting buzzed and then, well, you know, meeting sweet guys So as I was waiting for my London call girls gang to arrive, some guy started hitting on me. He was cute but very drunk. Normally I'll speak with just about any guy who has a cute smile. But he wasn't acting too nice. So as you can probably imagine, even us girls that work with escort agencies or as independents have standards. Yes, I slapped him! He was shocked thinking I would just drop on the floor and let him have his way with me right there in the bar. Can you imagine? Sure, I'm a gorgeous blonde and love being a call girl babe. However, it's not like I wanna fuck all the time.


Sexy Escort Girls in London: My Story Gets Better...


Charles owns the place and he came over fast and threw the guy out. Phew. I was so happy Charles looks over his girls who work at escort agencies in London. He loves taking care of us and really is like a big brother. I love him. One time he had to drive a car-load of escort girls home after they were sucking down scotch all night. Poor guy. It took him almost an hour to drop them all off.


After my second vodka, I was definitely feeling a warm buzz. Soon my gal pals who work for escort agencies arrived. They were all dressed to the nines and were probably looking for their next client. You see, we're always on the prowl for helping men feel wonderful like they deserve. Why not right? Face it. We're all so busy that having a relationship is so hard. That's why us escorts in London are so convenient. We get together, have some fun and we're all pretty happy at the end of the night. In the morning we're thrilled and we go on our merry way. It's the perfect arrangement.


Something you may not realize about us is that we love getting frisky with men who are really in need of a night (or two) of pure passion. You know the kind I'm talking about where we both find out as much as we can about one another and never regret it. Sometimes I meet men who love having a small party together. Typically, it's me and another one of my girls. But we're very flexible so whatever you have in mind, we are always excited to make it happen.


If you're ready to have a wonderful, delicious night with a few escorts in London, remember one thing. I can bring along a friend. Usually I invite my friend Sarah. She has a gorgeous body and tight ass. Many guys think she's a super model. She has a sexy set of brown eyes that makes you want to think dirty thoughts all night. You could call us two of the sexiest escorts in London. But do you want to know one tiny little secret? I really do enjoy spending time with new guys who need my tender loving attention. Listen, life can be hard enough going it alone. That's why escort agencies in London are so busy. Now don't be afraid or timid. Just look around our site and pick your favorite girl. Then be brave and call. We are ready and willing to make your night one that will always be fun to remember. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!