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Last week a story of escorts hit the papers in Leeds. You probably also saw some of the reports online. Because I am one of many escorts in Leeds working in the business, I need to tell my side of the story.


My name is Francine and I have a confession to make. Until this news story came out, I was a happy young woman living a wonderful life. Yes, I do date men for money. But that's only half the reason. Quite honestly, I've been having the time of my life spending time with magnificent men a few nights a week for nearly three years. So I love the attention they give me but more importantly, I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level.


Okay, so here's my side of the story. Last Tuesday I was having tea in the morning while reading the post. On the front page was a story about escorts in Leeds. The problem (to my amazement) was the feature was about me. No, there wasn't a photo of myself, but everything written in the article was about my life. Can you imagine easing into your day and then suddenly start reading the papers about your exact life? I was shocked. It's not like us Leeds escorts want our stories in print for everyone to read.


Here's what happened. A few months ago I met a reporter for USA Today. He was a cute guy doing research about call girls. Honestly, I wasn't interested in speaking with him. However, he had already interviewed many of my friends who are also sexy escorts in Leeds. Apparently, the piece he was writing was suppose to be an inside look at the lives of call girls in Leeds and some of the men who hire their services. Now I have to confess something. We never share information about the wonderful men (like you) that we spend time with. Our clients mean a lot to us and we protect their identities.


Hot Girls Love Spending Time With You...


Now the story this man wrote did not mention any names so I am thankful for that. But much of his story chronicled escort girls in Leeds and what they like to do with men interested in some sexy female company. The problem was that he only wrote half the story. For instance, about five months ago I met a man named Benjamin. He wanted a quiet date night experience. Then of course, some yummy fun back in his flat for the night. We had a nice dinner out and then strolled back to his place. He had been very sad in the last year after losing his wife due to divorce. Listen, life happens and people grow apart. We've all been there right? What Ben needed was to spend a night with a very friendly woman who understood exactly what he needed.


  • Leeds escort girls love treating your right.


  • We'll give you a body rub and massage.


  • Or even make your wildest fantasies come true.


  • Everyone knows sex workers love to please men.


Call girls from Leeds and the UK are known around the world as some of the finest, pleasing women in this business. Go ask some Leeds escorts yourself. What you will find out is they are loyal, caring and quality girls. Every single one of your desires is our only concern. Another thing that really rubbed me the wrong way about the news story was how he described call girls in Leeds. One paragraph outlined how we're trashing chicks who are disease ridden. Not true at all. In fact, I am a very healthy buxom blonde that works out five times a week. I've never had a sexually transmitted disease nor have my clients. Leeds escorts are just like the girls you know, date and of course fantasize about all night. But the only difference is we're experts at creating a wonderful, yummy experience for you. We can get together at your place or perhaps check into a nice hotel.


Lastly, I must confess that escorts in Leeds are very charming. We're high class women who often get asked out by regular guys who have know idea we're Leeds escorts. Some guys get concerned they're not going to be able to find the girl of their dreams. Why waste all your time going to bars and clubs hoping you'll get lucky? Instead, look around our website and pick out a girl (or two) that excites you. Then call us silly. We're always by our phones absolutely love chatting with guys who are lonely. Maybe you just need to have some fun or a passionate night with a gorgeous, exotic woman. Whatever your heart desires, Leeds escorts will make sure you get what you want. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!