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My escort services in the UK erotic story

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After my last work, I went back home. It didn't really take much for my next call. It was my escort agency. They asked me if I would be interested in a trip to the United Kingdom. I couldn't say no to something like that. A travel always comes handy, to gain some experience, money and a great amount of fun too.

UK escorts can have lot of clients

I have asked my escort agency what I need to know about the market, the unwritten rules, the laws, the habits, the good and the bad experiences from London escorts. Whatever I needed to know, I knew. I bought my ticket, and I got the address for the hotel I was going to stay in. He said, first let’s try it for couple of day, to see how things go, and after we can decide how to continue. I agreed to that. Since I have only been for a porn movie shoot, not for the "London escorts" thing, I didn't know. I organized the stuff I needed to sort out for home. The usual - my cats, food, and the electricity.

London escorts work in a beautiful city as well

Heading to the airport, my mind was full of the thoughts what London escorts should have. How the situations will be with my clients? How my sexual appetite will be? How is the hotel? How will I dress up for the sessions? How should I act? How long the dates should take? If I should eat before, or not? Did I shave properly? And many more…

London escorts have to smile and be friendly

London escorts have to be fun, fun and fun. The clients probably will come from a very busy lifestyle, they sit around in the office for many hours, and they stressed out. They will need someone who is happy, smiley and fun, who can make them forget about the problems, the jobs, and their bosses.

This is when London escorts come in to picture. These, and many more thoughts come in my mind while I was sitting already on the airplane. I landed. I went to my hotel. It was a nice renewed building next to Hyde Park. My view was nice. This is one of the most important aspects when I choose my hotels. The view. To be able to receive all the nice energy if things are not going exactly my way, or just to fulfill myself with positive income.

London escorts can have easy clients as well

My first client had a booking on the first day at 8 pm at the hotel. I got ready. Had a shower, made my make up and hair nice. I was wearing a sexy black dress. He arrived. Came up in the room, and he did not want to say his real name. It’s ok I said. He also said, that he has not much time, and he excused himself. Well, I didn't mind. London escorts has to get used to the idea of this busy lifestyle. Not even enough time for fucking! Hardcore. Anyhow.

He made me undress, and put me on the bed, kneeling. He fucked me from behind. Grabbing my tits, and that was it! The whole act lasted for about 20-25 minutes. Not longer. He finished. Hot dressed, and he was in and out within an hour. Easy as is London escorts does it that way? Anyhow I will see in the next couple of days.   Stay here for the following days…

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