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Guys, don't even think about hiring Birmingham escorts until you read this story. My name is Francine and you're about to read one of the most erotic times I've ever had as a working girl.


A few weeks ago I received a call from a guy named Vincent. He was looking to hire two girls for a video shoot. Hmmm... I thought. It sounded fun. I've done some video work but honestly, I get nervous with so many production people watching. My last video was with three other call girls. We were suppose to fuck two guys and then all get into a wet orgy. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually up for anything when it's all about getting fucked. I love a huge cock jammed deep inside me. Not to mention have a few girls eating my pussy when I suck a guy off. There's something so damn hot about watching two sexy young chicks licking my cum, while I swallow a load myself. It's yummy.


But Vincent wanted to do a different scene. The movie was called Call Girls in Birmingham Gone Wild. We were supposed to be detectives that investigate murders throughout the mean streets of Birmingham. You know, kind of like a Birmingham escorts sluts story where we fight crime while fucking criminals we interview. How fun is that? So in the first scene, I am interviewing a sexy tall blonde guy who has a huge bulging cock in his pants. It looked delicious and I should know because as one of many Birmingham escort girls in town, I've seen hundreds of juicing dicks. Although I do prefer technique over size. Too many call girls in Birmingham want a 15" cock filling them all the time. It's nice but I love how the gentleman treats me rather than just fuck me all night.


After I finished interviewing this perpetrator, I ripped off his pants and then started to suck his cock. Then my two other girlfriends jammed his face into their pussies. Ooh-la-la, it was really hot. He came in my mouth pretty quickly which is expected. We know you guys always come fast the first time. It's okay so don't feel badly. Us Birmingham escorts expect you're so excited you get off in a minute or two. But it's after your first orgasm that gets us excited. You see escorts in Birmingham strive to get you hard again so we can start the real fucking. Come on, you know what I mean. It's that second and third fuck we want cause we know those are the ones where you're going to last a long time.


Call Girls in Birmingham Make The Best Erotic Services


Oh-oh? Are you worried about keeping your hard on? Relax babies, we know how to help. Many of us bring along Viagra. We know it may not always be easy to keep your yummy cock hard for hours. So we got you covered. Our online desire is to help you have a full night of fucking fun. That's why Birmingham escorts are known around the world as some of the best fucks.


Remember how happy you were when you were in your twenties? Who can forget how easy it was to stay rock hard all night right? But we all grow older. So it's okay to need a little help. Whether it's a tiny little pill or just extra time to let us We rub you until you get hard, we're here to serve you. So there's no rush or need to feel badly about performing. Don't forget that us call girls in Birmingham are experts in providing erotic fun all night long. You deserve to let yourself go and let me take care of your every need.


Sometimes the first thing I'll do is give you head to get you off for the first time. It's kind of a warm up so we get your juices flowing. Then we can work on a full body rub down with some exotic oils to get your senses feeling erotic again. I've been doing the rub down for years and it works. Believe me, us Birmingham escorts know all the secrets to getting your dick rock hard again. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!